The Catacombs of Vur'Paal

by Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders

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inversecow It is with great joy that the new album is received.
The wait has payed off as the level of polish evident.
The depth of immersion in the ambiance yields a rich tapestry of sound for the ear to be satiated.
Throughout, there feels a deeper sinister plot unfolding somehow behind the scenes, always moving closer to its dark conclusion.
It is readily apparent the bar has been raised with this release.
Somehow the undead gnome has allowed my safe passage through his dark realm (or has he?) Favorite track: Guided by a Hard Heart.
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It is known that the great Gnomish warlock and warlord Vur'Paal only ever sought power and prestige in their mortal days. But those times are long gone, as Vur'Paal struck a deal with fell powers and dark masters to gain ultimate knowledge of all things dread and terrible. In time, Vur'Paal betrayed those masters, shredding the last vestiges of its previous life. Gone were any concepts of morality and fairness; love and hate. Vur'Paal existed to only serve itself.

Driven utterly mad by their ascension to near-godhood, Vur'Paal took on the form of a lich in order to better protect itself from meddling beings. In time, the former tinkerer from a long forgotten village in a land lost forever to the ages took to the cold, bleak safety of the subterranean realms. Always hungry to feed its existence, the being known as Vur'Paal lures foolish mortals into their Catacombs, enticing them with rare treasures and lost artifacts.

Vur'Paal changes their Catacombs every so often, but it always gives pesky, greedy adventurers a chance at survival. Vur'Paal's Phylactery, if found, is said to be a room with a dimensional gate that guarantees safe passage from Vur'Paal's treacherous lair.

Of course, the mad, undead Gnome has been known to change its mind...


released April 4, 2017

Designed for brooding, easy listening and tabletop RPG goodness.

All tracks written, composed, manipulated, produced, and mixed by Mr. Zoth at Black Goat Studio and The Vorpal Gnome, Victoria, BC.

Eternal gratitude goes out to...
Those who join the Werespider cause and enjoy these offerings.
Nicole Turner, my family, Rowan Townshend (official Werespider <3) and Deena, Mike Wolmarans, Fes, Greg, Andrew Anderson, Robin, Craig and Roz, and everyone else who helps keep this delightful nightmarish dream alive.



all rights reserved


Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders Victoria, British Columbia

Destroying hope and replacing it with joy and fear, Mr. Zoth is here.

Mr. Zoth is also available for soundtrack work. Feel free to drop him a line:

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